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VW Qtm ?

Thanks for the guess on the rt. rear plastic storage question.  I can
see that I need to elaborate further.  
Inside the "trunk compartment / under the tonneau cover" of the 86
(85,87,88?) VW Syn Wag there is a plastic well approx 8"w  by 16"l. 
When looking closer, the plastic "tray" really has two sections, or
at least some sort of ridge (horizontal) in the plastic.  This tray
lies just outside the twist open hatch where the back hatch window
wash fluid exists, as well as the nifty VW jack and tool set :-[. 
This tray is bolted onto the carpeted flooring and it looks like
maybe a tool set or maybe an extra 2 gallons of gas or water can was
strapped down to this tray.  
I've checked my owners guide and my Bentley manual, but no pictures
or descriptions inform of this interior part (option?).
Any INFO on where to obtain old brochures is appreciated.
With Thanks
86 VW Qtm Syn
97 A4tq -OR- 98 VW Pst Syn ?