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Re: '87 5k exhaust manifold removal question...

Jeff, If the plastic is still in the cylinder the only damage I can
imagine that may ocurr is to the spark plug itself. If you do just "button
it up" check the plugs after the test drive.  However, it seems that a
damaged plug would cause problems so you would most likely notice...
An after thought:  I have seen a cylinder head/piston with noticable
damage because of an electrode that came loose(cheapo Autolite plugs).
The electrode imbedded itself in the head after bouncing around a bit.
THe more I think about it the less of a good idea leaving the plastic in
there seems.  Afterall the plastic for those injector casings is fairly
tough...  Let's just say this, if it was my car the head would be off and
*all* the plastic would be removed.

 Brendan Rudack			rudack@ucsub.Colorado.EDU
'88 90Q                         brudack@student.flint.umich.edu
Fenton, Michigan USA