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Re: '87 5k exhaust manifold removal question...

>Why don't you take the spark plugs out and hook up some kind of shop vac to
>the pieces out of the cylinders?? Maybe tape a hose to it that fits in the hole
>and swirl it around until you get something.

I've done this twice already and come up empty both times ... mind you, I
don't know for sure there are any plastic pieces in the cylinder only that
three of the injector inserts I removed were broken.  I guess it's possible
they broke a long time ago and the plastic pieces have already been recycled
through the motor but since it's my mother's car, I figured I'd play it
safe.  Like I said, I'm really tempted to put it together and  pretend
nothing ever happened ... after all, how much damage can a little piece of
plastic do, anyway?  

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