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Re: '87 5k exhaust manifold removal question...

Jeff wrote:

>So, my questions are as follows: 1) Since I was able to retrieve the broken
>injector tip from the intake manifold, I'm thinking that maybe I shouldn't
>worry about any plastic pieces that found their way into the motor and just
>button it back up; or 2) assuming I decide to take it apart the rest of the
>way, is there any magic way to get at those last two bolts on the exhaust
>manifold?  Given my resources, this looks a lot easier than trying to get the
>last bolt out from the downpipe side...

Why don't you take the spark plugs out and hook up some kind of shop vac to suck
the pieces out of the cylinders?? Maybe tape a hose to it that fits in the hole
and swirl it around until you get something.

This, of course, depends on the size of the plastic pieces though..If you have
big pieces how bout stuffing rope into the cylinder and slowly rotating the
engine so that the pieces get broken into smaller bits??  Sound weird but it
might beat removing the head and breaking the requisite exhaust manifold bolts..

Good luck AudiDudi!!

Brian Vinson
86 5KCSTQ lowered and still waiting for wheels that fit...

PS: saw your web page and your 200, did you lower it at all?  it doesn't look
like it in the picture so I wonder if your magic 17" wheels would fit:-)