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RE: 5kCSTQ Radio Problems

>I have the standard 87 5kCSTQ radio (Rothenburg?) which has,
>for no obvious reason, suddenly started displaying the following
>symptoms: 1) The power antenna and rear speakers no longer
>operate at all (though the fronts work fine); 2) the radio stops on
>".0" frequencies (e.g., 99.0, 100.0, 101.0, etc.) and picks up a
>hum.  I'm pretty sure I haven't disconnected anything related to it. 
>Any ideas?  Is the radio toast?

Hi Scott,

	When this happened to me the fuse under the rear seat had blown. I
replaced it, but the antenna is still stuck up; the rear speakers work again,
and I never noticed about the ".0" thing. The rear amp is controlled by this
fuse and the controls for the antenna are in the rear amp. module...I think?



P.S. Does the hum change with the rear defroster?

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