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91Q Coupe 20V update.

Well everyone knows that I am picking up a 91Q Coupe that I thought was minus
engine, gee was I missed informed.  This thing has an engine, it has everything
nice black leather interior, all the features, and 2?,??? did not check, when it
arrived.  But now I know why I got it so cheap, $7,000.00, this d*mn thing can
not be titled, it can only be used for off-road racing or as a parts vehicle.

Now for the history I have dug up, this car was brought in by Audi for use as a
mechanics training car, who knows what they did to the car but hey it runs well,
it seems fast, and is really nice.  Anybody want a 91 Coupe for a race car, or
does somebody have a stripped tub with a title?  I need to sell this thing or
buy a tub so I can use the parts and get a real car on the road.  I do have the
option to give it back to the yard, from which it came, as a last resort.

If this does not work out, I am looking at a 4000q this friday.  Since I have
been waiting a long time for a Q-ship and now I have to get one.

Stephen Jacobs