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Get offset

Want offset?,

Want what you want?  AudiDudi has Compomptive wheels.  In 15/16/17 they have
many offsets and they are drilled and hubcentered either in PA or the UK.

  You can get 16-7s, 16-7.5s and the same in 17s.  In the right offset, not just
35mm.  I had but lost their mailer.  I'm sure I saw 44/45/45mm offsets.  One of
the three anyway.  Or if you need 35mm and many others.

Also from Revolution in PA you can get a huge range of widths in many offsets.

Lets say you want some 16x7s, you can get the following offsets:
7,13,19,25,31,38,44,50,56.  The key off set for us 5KTQ owners is 44mm.  That
you can get in 15x6,6.5,7,7.5

Want 16s?  You can get 16x7 in 44mm and 16x8 in 44mm.  How about 16x9 in offsets
of up to 56mm.

Revolution is Racing Wheel Services at 215-945-3834.  Ask for Bill cobb.
Mention my name and mention I'm the Merkur guy.  He has done nice deals for the
Xr guys.  They drill on the premises for the application.

Compomotive is in PA too.  Alan something is the owner.

Of course you need to like the way they look.  Jeff has the MO a sharp clean 5
spoke.  They have the TH which is very Rally oriented and very strong.

Revolutions are on a zillion SSCA race cars and are a nice 5 spoke.  A classic.

Track'em down and give a call.