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Re: VW Qtm ? -Reply

On Tue, 17 Dec 1996, Derek Daily wrote:

> So far this is the best guess I've heard.  Obscure enough to create
> the belief of possibility.  However...How big are these triangles? 
> This tray is 5" deep by ~6" wide by ~16" long.  I would imagine the
> Germans with their wonderfully efficient engineering would produce an
> unfolded triangle as big as the car itself if it was folded to this
> size!    Also, why would the car have such equipment stateside?  (I
> could understand how such a vehicle would make it to UK, but I would
> think this pretty rare to see here in the States.)  

According to my audi literature (An internal newspaper dating from 1984, 
announcing the new 4000Q) it is referred to as an "Auxially package 
compartment" FWIW... A friend who purchased one new, mentioned there was 
nothing in there when he bought it.

Keep in mind, He also said he got the "optional" 5 speed. Hmmm


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