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Re: I got my vanity plates, thanks for suggestions!

>Well I braved the lines at the DMV yesterday and after a 45 minute wait, I
>got my vanity tag ordered (the lady behind the counter yelled: "WE DO NOT

*Begin church lady voice*

 "Well now, isn't that special."  ;)

 *End church lady voice*   

>I now
>have to wait 6 weeks for delivery of the plate, Darin Nederoff says it takes
>them this long to teach inmates to spell !!!!!!!   I like his fact-based
>sense of humor.

Yeah well, you bounce a few email with Mr. D'Amato and you'll get
weird too!  ;)  hahaha   Sorry Bob, you're da man... you know that
right?  ;) haha!

>The salesman said they "DO NOT negotiate the price on the A8,

I heard it was on an 'on order' basis only.

>This dealership was soo out of it, they didn't know what I was driving when I
>pulled up in my Coupe Quattro.  Salesman said, "what is that, looks like a
>cabrio with a hard top!"  MORONS!!!!!!!!  I will never give them my business.

Haha.. maybe you could tell them it was a special Audi prototype
vehicle with an est value of...oh, say 70 grand?  :)  Hey guys,
wanna trade?    If that doesn't work, start simply.... send them
off to the state correctional facilities and get them signed up in
the same spelling class.....  ok, it's C O U P E... no sir, there
is no "K" in COUPE.   ;)  hahaha!

>that's all for now, drive safe up there in the blizzard guys, I'm wearing
>shorts here in FL. (Hee Hee)

Blizzard!?  We ain't got no stinkin' blizzard!  Hey, if anyone has
one to spare, send it my way!  I want some snow!  :)




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