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Re: 97 A4 Motion Sensors / break-in period

>  What if I keep the RPMs relatively low (what's the limit during
>the break-in period?) and try and vary them during the drive?  What are
>some general rules of thumb during break-in?
I am well aware that this post is going to get me in trouble with some of
our distinguished list members but I will take the plunge anyway!!!!!!!!!!
My suggestion to you is drive the heck of the car!!!!!! just do not keep it
in one spot (rpm that is) for too long, DO NOT BABY IT!!!!!!! 
I know I know I know...... it is against so called conventional wisdom but
I think the long term results will be a better engine!!!!!
I have done the above with one of my new cars (a diesel Jetta) and got the
best performance EVER (and economy) from all the diesel VW I had (5 total),
in  another VW I followed the Mfg. recommendation and that car never even
came close to the other one!
BTW, my mechanic (30 years experience in US and the old country) recommend
my practice 100%, I think you will have a much better performing car.
Good luck!
As for the rest of you guys go ahead and beat on me.......(no mercy)
Avi Meron
86 5Kcstq 16PSI of boost and 7 torque wrenches in the tool box
In former life worked in Internal engine combustion development.