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Smiling as I go to bed!

  Ok, I really am sorry to waste BW here but I must say that I am 
rather pleased with my Quattro. For those of you who smirk upon the 
occasional street race, please stop reading now.  I raced a Volvo 850 
Turbo tonight unexpectedly and yes, he lost! It was just before 11:00 
p.m. so there were no cars out on the roads. Especially since it is 
now -1 degree in Colorado.  As I was pulling off the highway, I 
noticed some bright lights catching my bumper at a high rate of 
speed. I couldn't tell what it was until he was next to me. As I 
turned to look, a green 850 Turbo passed me like I was in reverse. 
The light ahead was red. I thought ok, here's my chance to see what 
my  car is capable of.   I've always wanted to race the 20V turbo 
ovlov seeing how the stock HP on one of these cars is pretty close to 
what I consider my car to have with the many mods that I've got.  222 
and change. I agree with many listers that claiming HP numbers is 
just that-numbers-so this gave me the opportunity to test a real world 
situation. I've driven an 850 Turbo before and was impressed with the 
minimal lag in the turbo and thought the car to be pretty damn quick. 
So I knew I had my work cut out for me.

   As we saw the light turning yellow for the cross traffic, a reved 
it to about 2 grand and he began inching forward(All 850 T's are 
slushboxes-but what a slush it is! These cars don't get to 60 mph in 
6.2 sec because their autobox sucks) So just as the light turns green 
I go to 3 grand and slip the clutch to get max grip. He takes off  
and is about 1/2 car length ahead as I slam into second. Through 
second and slamming 3rd we are dead even!! About 65mph now and I 
would say that I've got him beat by at least 5 feet. Not much I know 
but we're moving now! Redline comes so quick in third(87MPh) and as I
go to fourth, I'm a full car length ahead! He barely lifts off for an easy right 
hander where I've got my right foot planted through the floor. Now 
I've got him easy and I slow to let him catch up. He's pissed now! 
Probably couldn't believe that a Quattro of  '87 vintage just kicked 
his butt. So what does he do now? There's another light up ahead and 
he's thinking he wants another go at it-just as I do- just in case this guy was 
lettin off anywhere. Light turns green and instead of letting him get 
that 1/2 car length advantage, I try 4 grand and slip the clutch 
just as he nails it. There must be a distinct weight advantage in the 
850 T plus that damn turbo spools up so quick and he gets the 1/2 car 
advantage again. I'm shifting so quick trying to watch my revs, boost 
gauge(shows 14-15 psi) and his car all at the same time. Same results 
in second gear and third gear with me about a full car length ahead
 except this time he keeps his right foot to the floor as I let off 
going into 4th at 90 mph. Since my Q has the wonderful U.S. stock 
headlights, it seems like I'm outrunning them even with auxiliary 
Bosch driving lights below the bumper with 100W in them. 

      Anyway, I was happy to see the Q perform this well against a 
car that I've always wanted to race. Now I know that there are many 
of you out there saying blah, blah, blah, since this was only a 
competition amongst a wimpy 230 hp Q and a stock 850 T  but just 
thought I'd brag for a minute. Luckily the roads were clear as he 
wouldn't have stood a chance had there been any snow as in previous 
days. I love my suspension setup with the Koni Sports and the H&R's 

     Again, sorry to waste BW but just thought I'd let some of you 
know that tromping some of those  $35,000 Swedes isn't too tough to 
do with a little bit o green. Treat yourself-after all it is 
Christmas!  Good night boys and girls, (smiling)
                                         Chad Clark '87 5TQ