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Re: UK Parts Suppliers

On Tue, 17 Dec 1996, Phil Payne wrote:

> UK Audi quattro Parts Suppliers:
>     AM Cars  (Owned by UK Club committee member)
>     Phone: +44 1460 63851
>     Fax:   +44 1460 68275
That they may be, but they still managed to send me the wrong set of HT 
leads for my car, which I was non too impressed with last Saturday 
afternoon when I tried to fit them. The lady who answered the phone 
remembered me phoning up the previous week, knowing that I had said I had 
a "MB" engine and said she was, "ever so sorry" and the correct set would 
be in the post on Monday.
(It even said MB engine on the invoice)
Looks like the set they sent me were for a lhd model. (pre 83?)

I will forgive them this once (as long as my leads arrive today), as 
everyone is permitted to make one mistake :-)

Which reminds me, I must send these wrong ones back to them !!

Michael Burton
Systems Administrator, PA Data Design
Always buy the best PC you can afford, that way, when it crashes it will
reboot faster.