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anyone install their own alarm in a 4kq?

For reasons of economy, I'm thinking of tackling my own install
in both 84/5 4ksqs, or at least in the 84 since I don't want them
mucking with all my mods and spliced wires :)

I'm leaning towards either the Excalibur alarms (since I've used them
in my GLI) or the Prestige series look good.  I can get a nice
Prestife for under $100, especially if I get 2, with the usual
barrage of features.  My only requirements are door lock outputs,
starter kill, shock sensor, led, anti-scan/code hopping, good
warranty (pref. lifetime).  If you have any recommendations let
me know.

More along the install lines, has anyone ever done one in a 4kq?
It should be simple.  I helped do the one in my Jetta and
from what I recall you need to wire:

- tap into door pin switches under dash
- tap constant and keyed power
- ground
- wire door lock output to doors - I will need to install
an actuator in the driver's door, which when triggered by the 
alarm will run the vacuum locks.
- maybe reroute starter lead through the brain for starter
kill (some alarms use a separate module I think)
- siren output and/or horn output
- parking light outputs (with diode to prevent shorting the
brain by busting a taillight and shorting it)
- wire to dome light for courtesy light (if avail)

Anything else?  Feel free to do a private reply if this is not
of general list interest.  I just don't feel like dropping $600
on a pair of alarms right now.

| Dan |

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