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Re: Factory Fog switch/Connections - Help!

Zumbrennen Damien wrote:
>         I installed a set of hella driving lights on my 87 4000csq which
> I'm sure are installed the same.  I originally wanted to hook them up
> using not the ugly rocker switch that came with the kit but with a
> factory switch that cost me $50 at the the local audi dealer.  However, I
> then decided that It would be easier to wire my lights to the "high-beam
> wire entering my headlight( for fogs you should use the low-beam wire).
> I believe that instructions for doing so were included in my set with the
> wiring diagram for hooking them up using the switch!  You also might look
> into some clear plastic covering that will allow you to keep the "hella"
> light covers off w/o having to worry about them breaking!  The stuff is
> pretty expensive but not as expensive as a new lens.  The plastic  is
> un-noticable and can withstand a pellot shot from 15ft. Call Griots
> Garage at (800) 345-5789

Check out the website at www.stongard.com  I just bought a set of light 
covers and a set for the PIAA 1500 series I bought but have not 
installed. These were purchased for the family truckster (96 grand 
caravan). $5o bucks for all four. They were very easy to install and
you can not tell there is anything on the lamp assembly. They stongard 
lights as they call them are a film about 1/8 inch thick that is fairly 
pliable and has a self adhesive that sticks right to the glass/plastic.
One thing that did bother me, they claim a 3 year breakage warrenty but 
there is a $15 dollar fee to activate this. Of course they don't tell 
you this in the brochure.
I bought these for the van as I will be going from Seattle to L.A. next 
week and I don't like broken or pitted lights from rock chips.