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Dave Toppin: my post to you has "bounced" twice??

Hi Gang,

	I'm sorry to have to bother the whole "list", but a reply to Dave has
bounced twice now, once from Mailer-daemon@uunet and once by my "postmaster".
Dave, it says your "cssnet" doesn't exist???

Message-Id: <QQbuut24618.199612192049@relay1.UU.NET>
Date: 19 Dec 96 16:26:00 EST
From: "Sheffield Corey" <SHEF@omdc.gso.uri.edu>
Subject: RE: Another Rhode Island quattro 4 sale
To: "pelletmn" <pelletmn@ccsnet.com>

>The other car needed lots more than he said when I called him.  If
>you're going to buy an Audi, and don't know what to look for, take it to
>someone who does.  I believe the 5000's always need at least $1000 worht
>of work no matter how much you've just spent!

Hi David,

        You've met this guy; is he a dealer or what? It's strange that within 3
or 4 months this same guy has 2 5kCSQ's for sale. I also wish I hadn't given
him my phone number the first time I called him; I don't want to find myself
posting a car of the guy every 3 months if they are not as he reports there
condition over the phone. Because of what you told me the last time I
specifically asked him about the body and he said there were no dings or rust;
that it was straight and had never been touched. If I find out he's lying I'll
never post for him again.

                                        Happy Holidays and motoring,



Sorry for the inconvience gang...and the spelling errors, this mailer protocol
won't let me back up to correct them:-(