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Reliable garage/mechanic in Connecticut?

  Hello again, Quattro enthusiasts!  After just ten months without my 87 5KSQ
I just can't take it anymore!  Never mind that we don't have any Audi
specialists here in Rapid City, SD (home of the Blizzard of '96!), I really
NEED to have another Quattro.  That's why I am looking into a said-to-be
immaculate, pearl white-on-black leather, 5-spd. '88 5KCSQ for sale in CT.
 Unable to personally fly out there to check it out, I'd like to have it
inspected by a competent, honest garage or dealer within roughly 40 miles of
Hartford.  Any recommendations?  I need to know real quick, so any help would
be greatly appreciated.  

  Also, the owner says its only problems are--what else?--mechanical.
 Specifically, he's frank enough to cite: a faulty "fuel distributor," which
is said to make it difficult to start when cold (but not impact driving
performance when the car is warmed up; a dsyfunctional driver's side seat
heater; an early leaking steering rack; a faulty electric window; and a
bright-lights stalk that droops forward chronically. 

  From my previous experience (and knowing about the archived tech messages)
I have a clue about the rack, windows, and heated seat, but can someone
educate me about this "fuel distributor"?  The owner quotes a price of
$1000.00 for a fix (?Bosche unit).  What can I expect to be the natural
evolution of a problem of this sort, difficulty of self-fix, consequences of
going unfixed for a while, etc.?  Again, any help would be greatly

  I am really looking forward to being a Quattro owner again!  Yes, I'm
familiar with the perils of ownership of a 5K version (which are greatly
outweighed by the sheer pleasure of owning and driving one, especially in
snowy climes!), but there just is NO substitute.  Thanks again, crew.  Later.

Jeff (wicozani@aol.com)
former 87 5KSQ
hopeful 88 5KCSQ
'92 Subaru SVX LS-L w/touring pkg./44K
'84 dorF p/u; 104K