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See you on 2-Jan-96. Merry Christmas everyone!


I have a few hours left to pack up and catch some sleep. In the morning
I should be hitting the road to Canada.
I know this is nuts, we'll be going towards the coming blizzard and all
those Canadians, who head to Fla this time of the year.

The red Q is ready, with a new master cylinder installed today, all
fluids topped off, brakes bled, fresh Castrol Syntec 5-W-50 in the crank
case and 4 Nokias NRW in place of Dunlops SP8000s. I am hoping that our
collective wisdom did not make me spend $200 on a new MC in vain. Stay
tuned for a trip report in early January.

I have cancelled my AOL account, please note the new(old) GNN address:
<Igor Kessel> e6941tb@gnn.com.
I have accumulated a number of messages with questions from the listers.
I will answer all of them in early January as well. I hope my mailbox
won't get overfilled and my account bounced by Dan S. ;-)

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous and happy New
Year! Talk to you in January.

Igor Kessel
'89 200TQ