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Re: Small Audi content

Andrew Fletcher wrote:
> I may have the opportunity to live/work in the USA...Maddison, Wi...

Welcome. I hope it works out for you. Madison has one "D"

> Q1 : Can I get a reasonable urQ for under $10K us dollars?

Yes. There are some for sale and can be found in Autoweek, and for other
reference, you can check out Kent Anderson's page with pictures at:

Kent has two urqs for sale in nearby Minnesota
83 urq Helios Blue/Brown Leather  91kmiles  ABTII/Eibach/Koni/etc $10,750
83 urq Gobi Beige/Brown Leather  116kmiles  Eibach/Koni/new paint $11,000

> Q3 : We have to take a pay cut to go cause my wife wouldn't be able to
> work re: immigration. Currently we are pretty comfortable on around 65K
> aus dollars. I haven't had an offer yet but I'm thinking around 45K us. Can
> we live on that in Wisconsin.

I'm pretty sure you'll do ok. Caviar every night, no. Eat out once a week, ok.

Best of luck