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Re: 5ktq, no power

James Fawcett wrote:
> Hey all, lately I have been noticing that my 86 5ktq just doesn't have
> the power that it did just a week or two ago.  When I get on the gas it
> just doesn't respond the same.  It is kind of like a delayed reaction.
> I am running a max boost of 1.8 bar, and when I really get up into the
> boost range like 1.5 or 1.6 I can feel the car pick up better, but
> before that I can give it alot of gas and nothing comes of it.  Please
> help.  Anything you guys could tell me would be so gerat.  Thanks again.
> --
> James Fawcett
> 1986 Audi 5k TQ
> jfawcett@mail.win.org
> Saint Charles, MO  U.S.A.

Limited info, but here we go !
Give the engine more air... air filter ????? if recently serviced, it sounds like a lean 
condition  (air flows in but....where is the gas ????), so:
Vacuum leak... air comes in but not through the sensor plate.... so, no gas !!
check (with fingers !) hoses for leaks.
If no leaks,... the computer is being informed the engine is nice and hot ( coolant temp 
)so we suspect  the sender.... or
Air goes through the right places but the fuel system is lazy ( it does provide fuel 
but... slowly).. fuel filter...fuel accumulator...and finally
Sensor plate binding....(not likely but....)
How old  is mr. oxigen sensor...if more than 30,000 miles he will get lazy, but I  doubt 
he could change drastically in two weeks.