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Re: My 88 80q parts car


Here is my input on the 80's vs 90's:
I drove and 88 80q with brand new suspention (springs,koni struts,bushings,
etc). It didn't handle as well as my 90-20v with old suspension (95K). The
80 had much more body roll and the front dove a lot on initiation.....The
main differences are the 1990 (post march production) had added big rear
sway bar and beefed up front suspension. I think there are a few linkage
changes as well.

I you do get a 20V make sure you have the 15" x 7" rims on, It makes a
hudge difference in handling and well as looks. If you want I would be
happy to hook you up with a RIAL deal.

There are a few cronic problems indicative to the 20V:
1. Distributer bushing rattle (there is a fix in the archives)
2. ISV failure
3. Limited performance enhancement (still looking for some decent ones)
4. OEM Speedlines look great but have cronic corrosion problems, the 14"
BBS replacements are solid but look like crap. They make good winter rims
5. Thight spaces require lot more repair times

There may be others that don't I know of....

> From: Robert Bauer <rbauer@visi.com>
> Subject: Re: My 88 80q parts car
> I went quattro shopping today to see what was out there.  Carousel has a
> 90q20v in that silver/blue color.  It's got 150K on it but they only want
> $8K and the salesman told be they may be willing to deal.  I should be
> to get a good deal being the end of the month/year and the holiday
> I talked w/ Kent and he told me he knows of an 88 80q and is going to see
> what he can find.  I don't want to have to pay muchg out of pocket so I'm
> trying to keep it around $7K.  I'll keep looking and most likely buy
> something after x-mas but before the new year.
> Later,
> Robert Bauer