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Careful of Torrey Pines


Just a little advice from a long time resident near Torrey Pines Road and 
fellow 90q driver.  That road is a favorite speed of the local law 
inforcement, particularly on the downhill side, but they are common on both 
sides.  I may be biased as I have had 4 Porsche's (currently a cherry '71 
914 2.0l) vs. the one Audi, but I have been known to be light footed in that 
area myself.  I believe in fast driving, but not at the expense of car or 

Just curious, since you obviously like to drive fast like myself, have you 
ever done the time trialing at Jack Murphy Stadium?  It is incredibly fun, 
and quite cheap.  The next race is mid January.  Let me know if you are 
interested and I can give you more info.
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