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Re: leaky thermoswitches

Dave Lawson writes:
> [ coolant temperature multi-function sensor failure ] 
> I don't think the solution is to shell out $41 every month or so for
> a new sensor that doesn't leak. Has anyone run into this type of 
> problem before? Is there a bunch of bad Behr sensors out there,
> that I have had the opportuninty to find? Am I installing them wrong?

Wow, that's incredible.  You know, My 84 5KT still has its
*original* 4-wire sensor and it has not failed me yet.  In fact,
the only things that have ever required replacement on this car
were: radiator, pressure accumulator (a la bomb) , brake master
cylinder, intake air-temp sensor, and one window regulator.  I'd say
that's pretty reliable (and they all say that 84 is a bad year for
these cars.  Hmm...).

Knock on wood.

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