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Factory-Driven A8 Blowby

Hello to everyone!  It's been a long, loooong, loooooong time since I was
active on the Q-List.  I ran into, ahem, some problems.  Until I get a new,
permanent email address, I'm using AOL.   I hope to be "regular" again soon.


The Scene:  Interstate 95 South, near Chevy Chase, MD
The Car:  Driving the new family car, an '85 5KCST
The Speed: 70-75 MPH, middle lane, cruising gently

Glanced into the left rearview and found myself transfixed.  Approaching at
approx. 85 mph on the left was a black car that I had never seen before.  My
peepers told me,  "My, that's a mighty big A4" and then my brain realized,
"Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy".  It was a jet-black A8Q ripping through traffic.  I
tipped into the boost as he passed me and gave chase for about 2 miles (he
was accellerating, I had the whole family in the car with me).  Finally the
car slowed for traffic and I was able to close.  The rear plate was a NJ
manufacturer's and the driver was a well-groomed, bespectacled man with white
hair.  During the chase I gave my family the scoop on what it was we were
following.  We pulled alongside and my mom and dad gave the thumbs-up.  Big
grin from the Audi factory man.  I tapped the brakes to signal he should take
the lead.  The A8 jumped forward, swerved smartly in front of us, and took
off.  For a few moments we pretended that I-95 was the Autobahn, as the A8
cleared a 120+ mph swath and our Turbo fell in behind.  For a few miles, we
could all hear the angels sing as we rocketed past the traffic as a black
Audi doppelganger.  What fun and what a beautiful car!  Obviously the Audi
people are proud of their new flagship.

Best Wishes, 
'84 4KQ