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Re: Now THESE are toys!

How is Bruno?  Last time I saw him was 1995 Mt. Washington.  The poor guy
was sitting on the side of the road with his big van blowing water
everywhere.  I think he had a rough time with the run up the hill as well. 

Tell him Hi when you see him from Ray and Trisha Blethen.

On Fri, 20 Dec 1996, Dan Simoes wrote:

> I just got back from Bruno's Quattro Center, in Queens NY.
> Bruno being Bruno Kreibich of Pro Rally fame (you should
> see all the neat photos, posters, trophies, etc!)
> Bruno came to my rescue by digging up a center diff lock cable
> for me, charged me almost nothing, and didn't want to take
> the money until I was sure it would work (I insisted).
> To return the favor, I'm posting info on a couple of cars
> he's selling.  Prices are high, but these are rare folks.
> Neither car is street legal, so unless you're into racing
> don't start thinking about them, even if you do have the 
> money :)
> Car 1: 1985 Sport Quattro.   Yes, THE sport quattro.  Serial
> number 001, this was Michele Mouton's car.  Complete with
> fresh engine, ready to go.  $60k
> Car 2: 1985 UrQ.  Don't have any more details, but it's fully
> set up for racing (ie rally) and comes with a ton of spares.
> $50k
> Bruno can be reached at 718-366-1420.  If you call, tell him I
> sent you, so he knows where you heard about it (I'm not
> on commission, just doing this as a favor!)
> No, I didn't get to see either car, they are stored somewhere.
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