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Re: Sad story from LaJolla

At 08:12 AM 12/20/96 -0400, Paul_Royal@isserv9.idx.com wrote:

>>Happy Holidays,
>Let's try this another way:
>I was driving way too fast.  Just as I passed the comedy club on Pearl, I
>hit a person crossing the street.  When I first saw them, I tried to slow
>down, but it was too late. Next thing I knew, the person was flying across
the >intersection like a ragdoll about 5 feet off the ground.  Before I
could get
>"Look what you've done now


First, the pedestrian scenario had passed through my mind on the way home.
I was not bragging about what I did(note the title of the mail wasn't:
"went to bed smiling").  Having worked as and driver for Lexus in high
school, far too many times, I witnessed how easy it is to lose control
of an automobile.  Later, working as an EMT, I observed far too many
times, the damage that can be done.  Fortunately, since  I turned 20,
my stupidity seems to show up less and less.  I have never been in an
accident, and that is because I rarely drive in the aforementioned manner.

At 11:12 AM 12/20/96 -0500, STEADIRIC@aol.com wrote:
>I need to prove 
>nothing..... It does'nt impress us professionals when some "wannabe" 
>tells stories like the one that started this thread, We just start making 
>bet's on when the accident is going to happen (It will, TRUST Me)

Second, I don't see how any skill was involved in what I did, and I don't see
how I could look cool flying through an intersection totally out of control
of a 3200 pound car.  I wasn't trying to prove anything, except that how
amazed I was at the solidity of Audi's.  Took the car to my mechanic
and sure enough, no damage.  Thanks for the advice on the springs Phil.

Personally, I will take as many of these experiences as possible....as long
as no one gets hurt.  They constantly remind me, that as fun as driving my
Q is, it is not a toy, and the streets aren't my playground.

Happy Holidays to All,

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