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Solid Q

The solid build of Audi's never ceases to amaze me.  I was going for take
out in downtown La Jolla, and was running late to pick up my date.  Given
the superior handling of my 90q20v, I was driving quite briskly.  Just as
I passed the Comedy Club on Pearl, I hit a big dip at just under 70mph.
Upon seeing the dip, I had scrubbed off as much speed as possible without
control.  Next thing I knew, all four tires were in the air, and I was soaring
through the intersection about one foot off the ground.  Before I could get
"Look what you've done now stupid," out of my mouth, the front tires touched
down with a thud.  The rest of the car followed, and I swore I would never
drive faster than the double nickle if the Audi gods would spare my ride
just this one last time.  I pulled over, grabbed my flashlight, and walked
around the car, prepared for the worst.  I couldn't believe it...nothing.
The front spoiler was intact without a scratch...I could see where the tires
touched down, as a nice gray spot from where they folded over the rim was
noticeable on both front tires.  I looked toward the heavens and smiled,
I had been spared...just this once.

Happy Holidays,

P.S.  I broke my promise, smoked a brand new Carrera with a light-footed
coming up Torrey Pines Road.  Hit 80 at the tightest turn, and he chickened
When he caught me at a red light at the top of the hill, I caught him
trying to
read the badges on my trunk.
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