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Re: Small Audi content


>Kent has two urqs for sale in nearby Minnesota
>83 urq Helios Blue/Brown Leather  91kmiles  ABTII/Eibach/Koni/etc $10,750
>83 urq Gobi Beige/Brown Leather  116kmiles  Eibach/Koni/new paint $11,000

I'm pretty sure I've seen the 83 urQ.  If it is the one I'm
thinking of, it looked quite nice.  (BTW, if anyone wants me to
take a look at them, I live 2 hrs south of the Minneapolis area and
get up there quite often.)
>>I haven't had an offer yet but I'm thinking around 45K us. Can
>> we live on that in Wisconsin.
>I'm pretty sure you'll do ok. Caviar every night, no. Eat out once a week, ok.

Uhhh, just be aware that Madison has a faily high cost of living. 
Housing is pretty expensive.




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