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Suspension woes

Hey all,
Just a brief note to vent, and ask some advice. My 96 A4q has 22k miles on
it, and is now making its fifth trip to the dealer for unnatural noises from
the front end. Before I even purchased the car, the dealer replaced a front
strut (couldn't tell me why). It went back there twice, and the problem was
not solved. On my cross country trip from VT to CA it really got bad and was
handling poorly. At 15k miles Schaumberg Audi replaced the entire front
assembly. For the last 1000 miles I have put up with the same thumping noise,
sloppy handling and as an added bonus, a nasty squeak that would done a 72
droF station wagon proud. Back to the dealer. They ordered a new front
assembly, which took about a week to arrive from Germany. It didn't fit. Now
my car will be in the shop for the next two weeks while they await another
assembly from Germany. Enough venting.
I love the car, but I want a new one that works. My question is this: since I
bought the car in VT, should I pursue compensation through the state's lemon
law (for which it easily qualifies) or try to work something out with Audi
customer relations? Any thoughts are welcome. Thanks.

96 A4q (in pieces)
96 Jetta VR6 (wife's car)
92 CBR 600F2 (currently my only means of transport)

"Speed doesn't kill, speed differential does."