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Re: '85 Ur-Q questions...

>> 3) Is my 200q quicker than I realize or is the Ur-Q slower than I thought
>> ... the two cars are quite a bit different in character.  Surprisingly, my
>> 200q (admittedly modified) feels a lot more "sporty" and the Ur-Q feels more
>> like a Grand Tourer a la a Porker 928.  I'd always assumed the opposite
>> would be true.
>From an 89 200q to an 85 urq, you've moved backwards over a major shift in 
>engine technology.  Ur-quattros with the newer engine technology (parallel to 
>your 200q) were never officially imported into the USA.
>We have both running in parallel here in the UK - the pre-1988 WR engines and 
>the 1988 and later MB engines.  It takes some pretty hefty and expensive mods 
>to a WR to make it equal to an MB.  The gap between the MB and the 20V is not 
>as great.

But it's not just the engine, although that's a big part ... overall, the
car just doesn't feel as nimble or crisp.  Yes, it needs some suspension
work (struts, control arm bushings, etc.) but I wouldn't think this is going
to change its basic character just the degree to which it shows through.
Time will tell...
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