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Re: '85 Ur-Q questions...

On Sat, 21 Dec 1996, Phil Payne wrote:

> > 3) Is my 200q quicker than I realize or is the Ur-Q slower than I thought
> > 200q (admittedly modified) feels a lot more "sporty" and the Ur-Q feels more
> > like a Grand Tourer a la a Porker 928.  I'd always assumed the opposite
> From an 89 200q to an 85 urq, you've moved backwards over a major shift in 
> engine technology.  Ur-quattros with the newer engine technology (parallel to 
> your 200q) were never officially imported into the USA.


	The UR-Qs imported into the US didn't have the 20V engine at all, 
and the 200 in '89 had the MC 10V engine, so both of Jeff's cars have 
roughly the same engine technology.  I'd guess the difference is in the 
suspension technology, making the 200 feel better.

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