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Bought the car


Yes, I bought the car, an '86 4000SQ with 97K miles.  Thanks to all that
sent me email with things to watch out for.  I know that I will have some
small issues, so look out for more posts with questions.  One for now
though, the car did not have an owner's manual in the glovebox.  I should
have checked but it didn't occur to me until later.  I called the previous
owner and he never had one.  I was wondering if someone would be willing to
make photocopies (I know guys, hard copy - yuch) and mail them to me.  I
would also be interested in a source for purchasing the physical manaul.
Maybe one of you 4KQ owners out there knows your car so well that you don't
need the manual any more.
Private email please.

Regards, Jeffrey Smethers
'84 318i
'86 4000CS Quattro