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Re: quattro-digest V3 #1570

Merry Christmas Listers!
Thanks to all who responded to my plea for Canadian suppliers. Initially it
was for a friend with a 84 coupe needing tie rod assemblies ($110CAN, I see
Blaufernugen's home page has them at $22US), but I think I will try the place
in B.C. to avoid the cross border nonsense.
Now, onto the latest challenges...(84 5ks)

1. Combination switch stays on high beam when cold. It's in the low beam
position, and when joggled to left or right signal or towards you slightly
low beam is activated, however I can't very well drive with one hand on the
stalk till the interior warms. Simple repair, or am I looking at a new comb.

2. Occasionally, get little or no heat from the beast. My mechanic tells me
it's most probably the programmer that gets a crack in the circuit board due
to heat cycling. Say I actually AM getting heat, but that the fresh air
intake is also open, negating the effect. Thoughts, or BTDT's?

3. Is one quarter on the temp. gauge OK? My coupe used to always go halfway
up the scale, and I'm a little worried about running this one too cool. This
reading is consistent, traffic, 80mph, whatever.


Happy Holidays, Peace.

Steve Bigelow
Ottawa ON
84 5ks
82 Coupe for sale