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'83 5000, purchase?

I am looking at said vehicle by the side of the road for a week or two
now.  I mentioned it to my son as "a 4000 for sale" because the body
style is quite different from my 5000's.  After some inquiries, I have a
little more info:  it IS an '83 5k, auto, runs?  (whatever that means),
and has vin WAUG B0438 DN0044395.  The interior is leather, but the door
panels are hurting.  Looks like an attack on the window regs!!

Can any of you tell me anything notable about this vintage?  Since my
good experiences with my 5k's AND the great help I've received from the
list, I have kinda been keeping watch for a 4kq for him, but have not
seen much lately.  What advice do you all have?
'86's: 5ks&5ktq (need company??) by the Hudson