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87 5KCSTQ total - parts available

Hi all,
Still in the process of getting rid of my totaled 5KCSTQ.  I have worked out a
deal with my insurance company that will allow me to take all the parts I want
(within reason) before they take it to auction.  My option is to pay storage
charges for the vehicle until I turn it over to them.
So, in the event I choose this option I have Monday 12/23 to pick over my car. I
would like to know what peices parts people may want from the car.  If you
e-mail me with the part and what you would like to spend I will try to grab it.
I already have some items spoken for but here is your chance to get what you
need.  First come first serve.  I will respond to your e-mails Monday night with
the results of my grab bag idividually. 
Fletcher suspension wanters - it is likely that I will not be able to get
everything but if you want just some peices to start with this may be a good

Thanks for your patience and help thoughout this ordeal.

Randy Paquette