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Quattro's for sale in PNW

Here are some quattros listed for sale in the Pacific Northwest area
i.e. Portland, Oregon

93 S4 Pearl, $32,998
Dealer 541-382-1711

91 200TQ 20V Pearl
broker, $14,995 

89 200TQ $7,995 

89 200TQ blue, black leather, $6995
used car dealer 503-873-3227

89 200TQ Wagen, Pearl, w black leather sport seats,
$13,900 low miles, broker, 503-649-8779

90 V8 high miles, $9,995 dealer 503-246-8225

90 V8 pearl, black leather, 69K miles, $ 15,950

Happy Holidays to everyone.
Hoping your Audi finds some snow to play in

Scott M.
89 200TQ with MC engine (2 knock sensors),
Home Brewed EPROM with Overboost to 2.0 bar 
STEADIRIC suspension kit, stiff-ly riding along, 
with a front end clunk, hoping Santa's elves bring
my kit instructions and refund check......