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Re: Wastegate Frequency valve tubing (Schrapnel Knobben (R))

I have Paul's set-up in my 86 5Kcstq

>What diameter (ID) from WFV to wastegate (1/8"-3.5mm mine)
>What diameter to bottom of WFV (1/8" mine)
Use the same size has OEM (original equipment) which is 3.5mm
>Routing: does line to bottom of WFV come from a connection at the back of
>inlet manifold or from a connection upstream of the throttle plate (mine)
>adjacent to the intercooler outlet. (this line from mine has another teed
>it before going to the WFV - does anyone know where it goes?
The hose in the bottom of the WFV goes to the turbo inlet, right bu the
>diaphragm device and 
>from there to 2 other lines for use for? I don't know.
The diaphragm device is a charcoal canister valve, it activates it.
the other line I think goes to the computer for pressure sensing.
>Where did you install your gauge/knob.  I'm running both as a permanent 
>installation into the glove box - this of course means a supply and return

>line into the glove box area.
The way Paul has it and I have it too, is in the engine bay, just coil it
and put it in an area that will not interfere with anything.
When you set up the pressure, put the gauge on your windshield and hold it
there with the wiper arm till you finish your adjustments. Use good hose
preferably the factory kind which is rubber covered with cloth.
Let me know if you need ay more help.
Read the instruction from Scott Mockery about running high boost, it is an
excellent essay, very informative.
let me know
Avi Meron
86 5Kcstq
Using Paul's mod with 16 PSI of boost and all hoses secured with