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Re: Redline vs. Amsoil (for trans.)


>      Well I think my $.02 may come in here since I have had both of these in
>  my
> car.  You are talking about the gear oil, aren't you?  I origonally changed
>  out
> the gear oil with the Amsoil Synthetic, and I was happy with it for a while
>  (it
> was an improvement and help with cold shifting), but I thought it felt a
>  little
> too notchy.  So, I just changed the gear oil out again with the Redline
>  stuff.
> It is much better!!!!  The shifting is much smoother and is even better in
>  the
> cold.  I have the MT90 in the tranny/front diff, and the 75W90 gear oil in
>  the
> rear diff.  I am real impressed and would highly suggest over the Amsoil. 
>  Hope
> this helps.
>                                                                  Later,
>                                                                  Dan

I can now say, "BTDT" to the Amsoil in the 4kq tranny. I've used Amsoil engine and trans 
oil in many different rigs over a five-year period and never any trouble. But I just 
couldn't shift the Q as well as I thought should be able to.

I tried the MTL and it's much improved over the Amsoil GL2-5 75/90 I was using. 
Especially the first>second shift when cold (20-40 F, first few miles). I couldn't make 
that shift with the Ams. Interestingly, I was shipped the Redline 75-90 initially (wrong 
stuff). The bottle specifically mentioned not to use it in transmissions with copper 
synchros due to "reduced friction, blah, blah..."

The moral:  I recommend MTL over Amsoil for the transmission. I did leave the Amsoil in 
the rear diff.


P.S. To all who may be celebrating, have a happy holiday season! :-)

James Marriott, BSME
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