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Re: V8 3.6 Motor Mods


In a message dated 96-12-23 17:00:41 EST, you write:

<< I've often thought of adding a pair of Low Pressure Turbos to my '90 V8
 after a couple of things: (1) I read some manufacturers were doing this now
 because the turbo version of the engines did not have to use modified heads
 to lower the compression ratio and (2) my brother-in-law said he knew of a
 shop in the LA area where they can "turbo charge anything". I think the
 first order of business would be to get a good after-market ROM chip. Have
 you found one? >>

I've thought about that same twin-turbo idea, but am not sure the auto trans
(athough pretty much bulletproof) would take it.  There does seem to be just
the right amount of room for them.  Regarding chips, Ned Ritchie ant Intended
Accelleration in WA State and Igor Winham at T.A.P.  carry chip upgrades, but
I haven't tried them yet.  Anyone Else have any thoughts/experience?  I did
try one from Superchips in Florida a few years ago, but promptly removed it
(made things worse --plus the chip had markings indicating it was for a
Po*sche 928!).