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 Greetings fellow Listers,

I'm in search of some "guidence" or "advice" in the purchase of a

A friend of mine works at a Audi/ VW/ Mitsu- dealer close to my house and
has come across a pair of automobiles that are in "as new" condition.

The two cars are 91 Mitsu- Galant VR4's! # 703 & 1239. Both have less than
on the odo.  

This perticular dealership has offered me either car for $10K, and I do
believe I can get them for less!

My problem, I have zero experience with this make and model of car, and
seek the advice of those whom have had past experience with Mitsu's!

I remember a few people discussing the longevity, and racing aspects of the
in previous posts!

Any and all advice would be appreciated!