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Re: Re: how to connect the A4's radio ?

>In article <9701011437.AA00839@lox2.loxinfo.co.th> you write:
>>        The OEM radio can be to turn on all the time regardless of ignition
>>switch position, which I always forget to turn it off.
>Oh no!  I had hoped that was fixed in the A4...  I consider it a bug.  I mean,
>nothing else stays on when you shut off the car -- the A/C system turns off,
>the dash turns off, the windshield-wipers turn off.  Why doesn't the radio
>turn off?!?  Yes, there is that chime, but last year we had to call out
>AAA and buy a new battary for our car because the radio was left on for
>a couple of days with the CD changer changing every 4 minutes.  That was
>back when we weren't driving the car every day.
>At the VERY least, it should be that the radio goes off when you turn the
>car off, and if you explicitely turn it off then back on it will come back
>I had a friend that re-wired the radio in his car so that it wouldn't
>turn off with the ignition.  That lasted about a week before he decided it
>was non-optimal...
>Anyway, most radios have a "power" and an "ignition" connection.  Hopefully,
>Audi has run the ignition connection to the radio connector, it's just not
>used.  Otherwise, you'll have to hunt one down and run it yourself.
I've got to step in here...
I just wanted to say that that's one of those things that I really like
about Audi's!  I spend a fair amount of time in my car, and I like being
able to sit and listen to the radio with the car off.  (I actually do
this often while waiting for the idiot I carpool with.)  'Course I also
like the way it sounds; that seems to be unpopular lately too...
I've never had trouble remembering to turn off the radio when I get out
of the car--something about the fact that the music is still going
reminds me (hmm...music...music...ah!  radio!); once or twice the buzzer
reminded me, when I was listening to a tape and it wasn't playing at the
Just my .02