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Re: Re: how to connect the A4's radio ?

In article <32CAD95D.204D@abraxis.com> you write:
>I've got to step in here...
>I just wanted to say that that's one of those things that I really like
>about Audi's!  I spend a fair amount of time in my car, and I like being

So would it really be such a problem to be like other cars where instead of
turning the car off, you just turn one click down to "ACC" mode and the
radio stays on?  There has been ONCE that I was listening to the radio
with the car off, sitting out in the country in the middle of the night.
The key was in the ignition, so it didn't save me anything.

However, the time my wife forgot to turn it off it caused us around 2
hours of inconvenience.  This included calling AAA and waiting for the
jumpstart, calling them again an hour later when we were at the store
and it wouldn't re-start (despite being run for 45 minutes before turning
it off), making a special trip out to get the replacement battary, replacing
it, and returning the old one.  The inconvenience of having to manually
turn it on and off once a year seems insignificant.

I've NEVER had a car that the radio would stay on like that.  It has NEVER
inhibited my ability to listen to the radio with the car off, including
MANY trips to the local drive-in theater where they broadcast the sound via
FM radio.

However, if I had my way, we'd both be happy.  Let the USER select that as
an option in the radio setup...  It can't be THAT hard to implement.  :-)

>reminds me (hmm...music...music...ah!  radio!); once or twice the buzzer
>reminded me, when I was listening to a tape and it wasn't playing at the

Yeah, not a problem if the radio is playing.  But what about when you stopped
at the fast-food joint and turned down the radio so you could hear them over
the drive-in intercom, or when you turned it down when you were trying
to locate the origin of the siren?  There have been several times since
then when the bell has reminded me, but IMHO it shouldn't have to...

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