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Need Advice

 I have been toying with the concept of replacing my venerable 87 5kCSTq   
with a newer model from the Audi stables.  on Dec 30 I went to have an   
allignment done after having one of my tie-rod ends replaced.  In the   
proccess the shop broke one of the bolts off the rear areas designed to   
allow toe adjustment.  On the way to the dealer to get this sorted out,   
the waterpump went south.  In the last 2 months I have put in almost   
$2000.00 in total.  I know I will need to do a Bomb soon, and the   
strearing rack as well as the power assist pump are both leaking as well.
 So, right now I am up in Traverse City, MI  and there is a 92 100CS   
Quattro on the lot.  46,000 miles, cobalt blue, extra set of rims with   
Hakke10's as well as Summer set. The car is an auto.  Am I going to find   
this car as fun as a Turbo I-5?  Should I keep throwing money at the '87,   
and then pick up a pure summer car: E-Type, 911/930, CHEAP Ferrari...  Or   
finally, should I just buy something else entirely?  I cannot wait (at   
least that's how I feel) for the 1.8T with the 5-spd.  Just looking for   

Robert Dupree
'87 5000CS Quattro  (On the Audi Gods SH*T List)

Diplomacy is the art of saying "Nice doggie" until you can find a rock.
                    Will Rogers