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I Think I'm Gone...

 Well folks, I think I'm defecting.  After a fair amount of   
consideration; I am fairly certain about selling the '87 5kCSQ to my   
brother.  As a replacement I would be buying a '95 Mercedes E300D.  I   
would still stick with the Audi marque if I could find a 5-cylinder Turbo   
Wagon.  I called on the one that Dan recently mentioned, but alas it has   
a deposit on it.  First of all let me thank everyone for their great help   
with  taming jokes played by the Audi Gods.  I made sure I have first   
dibs on the car should he decide to sell it; but that doesn't seem   
A couple of last questions:
 1) Is there an MB owners group like Dan S, has going here?
 2) Does anyone else know of a TQW for sale?
Thanks Again,
Robert Dupree
'87 5000 CS Quattro Turbo

Diplomacy is the art of saying "Nice doggie" until you can find a rock.
                    Will Rogers