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90 20v coupe quattro

I asked a question a couple days ago about this car because I found one on a dealer 
lot.  Thanks for the advice I got.  The car is silver w/82k miles and what seemed 
to be all options.  Well, I looked the car over very hard and here's what I found.

-exterior is in excellent shape, the car looks like it has only 20k on it
-car was never wrecked
-hood was repainted very well, you have to look very close to see the difference in 
	paint, but the color match was perfect. The fenders were not repainted which 
	leaves me to think the hood was painted due to rock chips.
-interior is in very good condition. no cracks in the leather or dash.
-wheels are in typical crummy condition
-clutch felt fine
-water pump makes noise
-valves make noise
-needs muffler (Audi said >$700)
-absolutely no sevice records (means it would need a timing belt)
-car was bought by original owner on 1/92
-car did have an airbag

I have decided not to buy because of my history for keeping cars and getting bored 
with them within a year.  For the money I would have to put into the car I would need 
to keep it for atleast 3 years and my heart truly is with 944 Turbo's and 968's

If any one is interested the car is at

Arlington Toyota
935 West Dundee Rd
Buffalo Grove, IL 60089

Original asking price was $9995 and they instantly came down to $9000

Happy New Year