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Re: "Stuperchargers"

>Have any of you guys heard of a Swedish 
>based company making a turbocharger based
>supercharger, with the cold side of a Garret
>and a planetary gear driven "hot" side?

Hi Paul,

	I'm not sure if one of them is made in Sweden or not, but Vortech has a
couple of models that are belt driven gear accelerated cool side turbos, and a
couple of months ago "Turbo and Hi-tech Performance" ran an article on a
similar unit that looked like the way-to-go. If memory serves they had one on a
1.8L Beemer on a dyno and it was making some very impressive figures...I mean
REAL impressive:-) If you're interested I'll look up the name and address of
this device.

					Happy motoring,


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