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RE: If it WASN'T a Quattro - would you buy one?

On Wed, 1 Jan 1997, Psycho Bob <honge@creighton.edu> wrote:

> I'd consider any car with AWD and with enough HP. That's why the current
> Suba of America's offerings fell out of favor with me. If those ProDrive
> things are offered in the U.S., I'd definitely consider 'em.
> But currently, Audi is the only one in the U.S. that offers what I want
> (need) in a car.

I would not buy and Audi if it didnt have Quattro. I dont feel they have 
any other redeeming values other than the Q system. Power?? No. Handling? 
no. Styling?? Maybe.  Safety?? YES. One out of 4 aint great.
Now add the cost of maintenance, poor electricals, High insurances, taxes 
etc...I dont see what it would offer me that a much cheaper car would. As 
far as safety goes, there are some good cars out there that can be had 

Im going to get burned, arent I.


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               Drive Safe, Drive Fast, Drive a Quattro