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Re: A4 Quattro Extended Warranty

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A vote *for* the warranty.  I have one on my 1995 A6Q.
I'm usually skeptical of these.  They exist obviously to make the supplier 
money, not as a charity to me.

However, cash flow insurance was my main concern (and ease of maintenance.) 
You could obviously escrow your own money.

The $1500 3-year extended warranty (4 to 7, as explained in original post)
Was added to my original purchase and factored into the payment.  What I 
get from this *very small* increment in monthly payment over the 5 year 
Credit Union note is:

1)  No cash flow surprises during the critical one year where I am paying
        a hefty monthly sum and the car is out of warranty.
2)  2-years of no cash flow surprises.  Either I can confidently roll 
        my other '85 5KS into a lower maintenance vehicle or have
        2 years breathing room to prepare.

While I perceive my '95 A6Q is much more reliable as my older Audis, the 
Extended warranty wasn't purchased to "get it back" in value, but to 
provide insurance/piece-of-mind.  Ask:  What's YOUR REASON for wanting the 


'79 5K (deceased)
'85 5KS 
'95 A6Q