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Re: Snow tires

Andrew Buc wrote:
>  >  The roads are often (usually) snow packed and icey, and I don't
>  > want to use studs.
> Why not?
> --Andrew Buc, Seattle, WA; Internet: 72220.443@compuserve.com

I've got studded 185/75-14 Gislaved Nordfrosts on my 4000q and they really do the trick.

Con for micro-cell tires: I remember reading a while back, either in European Car or 
Road & Track, that while the micro-cells on the Blizzaks are as good as studs, if you 
drive on dry pavement (which occurs often in Boulder during the Winter? 75 degrees 
today) that the micro-cells will wear very quickly and while you will still have a good 
ice tire, you will no longer have a "world-class" ice tire.

For my money, do the studs. For example I mounted the Gislaveds on October 25 and have 
really only driven on Ice and Snow about 10 days. The rest of the time I've been driving 
on dry pavement and I did not choose the micro-cell tires because of this.

Two weeks ago I drove to Vail, while it was snowing 15 inches, and I must say the 4000q 
with center diff locked and studded snows was quite the snow mobile.

Question: what are the best type of chains to get? Chains, cables or other?? I recently 
saw an advertisement for a type of chain called Z-chain (I think)and they looked like 
tightly would springs, about half inch in diameter. Ad said they were available at Dick 
Cepak. Any comments / opinions would be greatly appreciated!

Frank Amoroso
'87 4000q
'73 914 2.0