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What Jeff said

Torsen at the limit?

That would be an S4/6 in 12"s of snow with 16" Z-rated tires.  He described what
I felt this time last year.

Every correction I made wether correct or not was counter-corrected by the

The car was at, or the tires, were at the limit 'cause of the snow/Z-tire combo.
Add snows and that limit would be higher but you could reach it.

Years ago the first Lanica Integrales came with a fixed 64/36 I think F-R split.
Later and faster 16v cars went to about the opposite.  The cars understeered
less with more rear bias.

Also the Ford Sierra Saphire Cosworth 4x4 was about 36/64 F-R split.

So who wants to trick out a non torsen diff to add more rear bias.  Now that is
a project.


BTW.  If Ford ever imported that car I'd own it.