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Re: old audi with some problems...

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Just some weak input, I hope this helps a little...
> mai-1982 Audi 100 GL (5 Cyl. 136 PS. 2.2 litre):

>Is it feasible to change the clutch friction plate and other clutch parts
removing the entire engine out of the car??

My 82 coupe probably very similar, just *observed* engine swap, it should be
possible.  You will have a lot of nasty under car work still removing bolts
etc.  Don't do it on my say-so but I think you can.

>In my car the panel in this area has corroded away in such a way a hole has
appeared (after some removing loose rust-parts), where the whole battery can
passed through.   I had to shape a piece of sheet metal in the
appropriate form and than weld it in (or pop-rivet or solder..)
(this because welding isn't permitted 'as is' because of the electronic
ignition system (the Audi-dealer has a special diode-connector to prevent
damage... I think I had to remove the ignition system before as I haven't

Sorry I couldn't edit that more.  I thought removing the battery ground
protected the electronics?  I have done a couple of welds on my coupe now 
(hood strut, exhaust pipe, headlights) and the ECU still works. :-)

>In tool-shops low-end MIG-MAG weldinggear is offered (mostly suited for 0,6
-0.8 mm. panel thickness). Does anyone have welding experience with that
sort of electric 'gas-shielded' welding and have an advice for buying such

I'm not a real welder(I hardly even qualify as a *pretend* welder!) but I
used a roughly treated MIG welder next door and it was fun and fairly easy
once I got used to it.  Practice first would be my advice.  Oh and don't
look at the bright light!  Buying one?  I bet if you're not going to use it
much a cheap one would be fine?  How about if you could find a good used one
and have a handy friend who knows welding check it out first?  Just my $US 0
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